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Jun 9, 2019

Hey guys! It is Aiko with Schwagirl. I am an American English pronunciation coach.

Welcome to my podcast "The Voice of English" Season 2.

Season 2 focuses more on communication. In each episode, I bring a guest and he/she will give us tips to become a better communicator as a person who speaks English as a second language. And I said "us" because it includes me. I speak English as a second language. I came to the US when I was 23. I had a hard time in the US because of my English accent. If you are going through a hard time, don't give up your dreams and goals. And I hope this podcast will encourage and empower you! -Who is Aiko?


In Episode 27, I invited Tiffany Rachel from Japan.

Tiffany is an American citizen born and raised in Japan, moved to the States at the age of 12 and moved back to Japan 2017


What are the takeaway messages for you? Please comment below.


June 2019 Aiko's Course/Workshop Schedule

June 25th: 9-Week Business Course (1 spot left)
This is for English coaches whose goal is to make 5k - 10k a month from the coaching business. What you can learn: how to narrow down niche, American style marketing, creating passive income streams, and how to use social media. Only 1 spot left. For more info:

June 14th: at 5pm PST Free workshop
This is for English coaches who are interested in building their own coaching business but not sure if they are good enough to start. Come join this free workshop and get some ideas for your coaching business. Sign up here:



June 21st: at 6pm PST 2-Hour Online Seminar
Learn L and R pronunciation with Aiko
Learn how to improve your conversation skills with Kaori
Admission: $18 (Paypal 5% transaction will be added)
Up to 30 people (24 spots left). *Aiko will check your English voice file and give you feedback as a special giveaway. *A replay for the seminar is available for a month from June 21st in order for you to review the material.
Enroll here:


If you have any questions regarding English learning or pronunciation, living in the US, working in the US, or if you would like to be a guest on this show, please contact Aiko through

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